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Polymerclay Pussyhat Tutorial

Just few days ago I’ve heard about this Women’s March in DC and about the Pussyhat project
I enjoyed it but I live too far form there and I’m not a knitter too so I was wondering how to give my two cents to the cause. I know how to use polymerclay so I ended upon a polymerclay pussyhat wearable also when weather wil be warmer to remember this march and it’s aim. I will never commercialize this charm and also this tuto will be always free so please if you use it I expect you to do the same and use it only for personal purpose or charity, thank you.

Fimo Soft pink or pink scrap polymer clay colours you may have
Extruder gun
round headed pin to hang the hat in your favourite size

Step 1Pussyhat – mix and condition the pink clay

Step 2Pussyhat – roll the clay in a snake which will fit in the extruder gun, choose the disk with the tinyest holes

Step 3Pussyhat – extrude about 4 inches (10 cm) of clay threads

Step 4Pussyhat – bend each thread in half and then twist it clockwise

Step 5Pussyhat – Repeat until you finish the threads then make another bunch of polymerclay threads and repeat the step 4 BUT  this time twist the bended thread counterclockwise

Step 6Pussyhat – take one thread twisted clockwise and one twisted counterclockwise an pair them

Step 7Pussyhat – prepare 9 o 10 of these pair…

Step 8 Pussyhat – …and then put them one near another

Step 9Pussyhat – trim off uneven edges

Step 10Pussyhat – cover the edges with two paired twisted threads and lay everything on a very thin sheet of clay of the same colour

Step 11Pussyhat – remove the exceeding clay by an Xacto knife and gently press your work to make it adhere to the underlaying clay

Step 12Pussyhat – now be very gentle: fold in half and pinch the edges to ‘sew’ them without crushing the hat

Step 13 Pussyhat – once you have closed the side edges you can trim off the exceeding clay on the border

Step 14Pussyhat – with a small spatula or a screwdriver push the clay to simulate the seams on the corners…these will be the cat ears

Step 15Pussyhat – almost finished!…now push your preferred pin into the hat. If the pin pass through the hat you can press a small ball of clay inside the hat to cover the tip and have a pin stronger grip

Pussyhat done – bake the clay according to the brand you used, for Fimo is 230° F (110° C) for 30 minutes and wear it!

Dedicated to the Pussyhat Project

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