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Chicago International 2017 Workshop

Tom Bishop’s Chicago International Workshop 2017

Few days left and then it will be CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL!!!
I’m so excited even after some years I exhibit there it’s always a thrilling sensation to be in one of the best international gathering of miniature artisans.
I’m also proud to run a workshop there, this year the focus of my workshop will be on a variety of fruits and cheeses.

On exclusive 1:1 weddings offering a weeding “cake” of aged cheeses and fruits  it’s in fashion but this pairing is well known since ancient times. I love it too so I wanted to propose it also in our small 1:12 world.

As I’m used to do in my workshops the subject is just the mean to teach students some techniques, and even this one will be no exception: students will learn to create different kinds of cheeses and fruits by polymer clay. We will explore different ways to add colours and textures to polymerclay.
I will explain how to create the Figs canes too and how to combine canes to get the most satisfying results without waste any dot of clay.

 FIMO® will be the artistic medium used and students will receive everything needed to complete the workshop. If you prefer to work with your own tools we will use: x-acto knife, and some small brushes both classic and rubber ones. (PS sorry for the cat hair in the picture…)

Workshop will be run on THURSDAY, APRIL 20 from 1 pm to 9 pm in Chicago – Marriot Hotel O’Hare – Tom bishop’s Chicago International workshops week . Here more informations  and  for reservations after APRIL 3rd  please call (561) 434-6622
Beginners are wellcome… that’s my job and I love it!

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