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Chicago International 2019 Workshop


———->>>>> only 1 seat available <<<<<———-

I’m very proud to be part of this wonderful fair this year too.

Every edition of this Show offers many workshops to choose from. Mine is one among those. This year I have proposed a Unicorn Party workshop, Unicorns are a topic I love very much

Unicorn Party – Workshop by Manuela P. Michieli at Tom Bishop’s Chicago International Show 2019

 Don’t be afraid if you are a beginner, I will guide you step by step in making all this items so newbies are welcome!

In this workshop students will learn how to create a Unicon Cake, sliced together with its slice. Colour theory basics and spongecake texturing will be teached together with some modelling techniques. You will learn also how to simultate whipped cream to cover the cake.

Then Students will learn how to create beautiful corns for the Unicorns in different sizes to be used both for cakes and cupcakes. I will teach how to recicle scrap clay to make useful molds too

Last but not least we will create some nice party flavors: a couple of candy bags and a ‘unicornized’ letter to make this party your personalized party 🙂
If you attend to this workshop write me and tell me which letter you wish to unicornize – in thepic below you can see a ‘U

As I’m used to do in my workshops the subject is just the mean to teach students the tips and tricks I gathered in 30 years of handmade miniature making and above all I like to teach techniques, this workshop is not a simple kit assembling: students will work both with paper and polymerclay and will create everything except tray , the dish, the fork and the cake stand.
Except for the cake stand everything else is included in the kit students will receive.

 FIMO® will be the artistic medium mostly used in this workshop and students will receive everything needed to complete the workshop. If you prefer to work with your own tools we will use: x-acto knife, fine pointed tweezers, a small ball pointed tool and some small brushes both classic and rubber ones.

Workshop will be run on THURSDAY, APRIL 25 from 1 pm to 9 pm in Chicago – Marriot Hotel O’Hare – Tom bishop’s Chicago International workshops week .
Would you like to be in? Here all the informations  and Here the registration form, my workshop is #49

Manuela P. Michieli 2019 workshop at Tom Bishop’s Chicago International

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