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Chicago International 2024 miniature Workshop n.8

1:24 Armachair by Manuela P. Michieli

As the past year also for 2024 I will propose a couple of workshops, the first one is an half scale upholstered armchair.
The focus of the workshop will be mainly on the upholstered miniature armchair even if I will show in detail how to create all the accessories that come with it in the kit students will receive: a book, a blanket and a slice of cake on a small dish,

Workshop subject: miniature half scale upholstered armchair
“1:24 armchair ” – Miniature Workshop #8 by Manuela P. Michieli at Tom Bishop’s Chicago International Show 2024

Upholstering in miniature halfscale furniture

Students will learn the basics of making upholstered furniture in 1:24 scale by the creation of this armchair.
Everything needed (materials, tools and accessories) to create what you see in the picture is included into the kit that will be given each student. Of course if a student wish, is free to bring his/her own basic set of tools (fabric scissors, pointed tweezers, xacto knife, small paintbrush)

workshop subject: armchair near an xacto knife for size comparison

Don’t be afraid if you are a beginner, I will guide you step by step in making all this items so newbies are welcome!

As I’m used to do in my workshops the subject is just the mean to teach students the tips and tricks I gathered in nearly 40 years of handmade miniature making and above all I like to teach techniques, these workshops are not a simple kit assembling: students will create almost everything

Workshop will be run on TUESDAY, APRIL 2 – 2024 from 1 pm to 8 pm in Chicago – Marriot Hotel O’Hare – Tom bishop’s Chicago International workshops week .
Would you like to be in? Here all the informations  and Here the registration form, this workshop is

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