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Chicago International 2024 Workshop n.51

“Cake Designer Table” by Manuela Michieli

This is the second workshop I have proposed for 2024 Chicago show.
In this miniature workshop the scale used is 1:12 and I am very proud of it because it gathers together some new techniques and materials I have experimented during the long pandemic time.

By the way I am a cake decorator in real life so I though that time has come to bring this part of my life into miniatures

workshop subject: One inch scale cake designer table
“1:12 Cake designer table ” – Miniature Workshop #51 by Manuela P. Michieli at Tom Bishop’s Chicago International Show 2024

Participating in this class you will learn many miniature skills

As it happens in all of my workshops, but most definitely in this one, every item has been carefully chosen to teach how to use a material or to learn a specific technique that I am sure you will treasure in the future giving you skills for creating original miniatures by your own.

One workshop – Many materials to create miniatures

For this reason different materials will be used: polymer clay, paper, thin metal foil, dimensional paint etc.
Particularly attention will be given to some new creative materials on the market and a special care will be given in creating unbreakable very tiny details, such as flowers.
Everything needed (table,materials, tools and accessories) to create the scene you see in the picture is included into the kit that will be given each student.

In my miniature workshops I love collaborations

Beside tools that will be created from scratch, just few others will be given readymade thanks to the kind collaboration with the IGMA Artisan Silvia Cucchi, who created some cake tools on my special request for this project like the real turning cake turntable.

One inch scale wedding cake decorated in blue tiles style , part of the miniature workshop table
The Miniature wedding cake we will create during the workshop, detail

Don’t be afraid if you are a beginner, I will guide you step by step in making all this items so newbies are welcome!

As I’m used to do in my workshops the subject is just the mean to teach students the tips and tricks I gathered in nearly 40 years of handmade miniature making and above all I like to teach techniques, these workshops are not a simple kit assembling: students will create almost everything

Workshop will be run on THURSDAY, APRIL 4 – 2024 from 1 pm to 9 pm in Chicago – Marriot Hotel O’Hare – Tom bishop’s Chicago International workshops week .
Would you like to be in? Here all the informations  and Here the registration form, this workshop is

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